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Drawn to the arts at an early age, I started sketching when I was 6 years old. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I took a liking to graffiti and street performers. I was amazed by these open and free creative expressions. It was thru this exposure that I learned to appreciate diverse cultures and lifestyles. At first I emulated artists from the neighborhood. Eventually I developed my own unique style.

For a long time I did not claim to be an artist. Sketching was something I did as a hobby, my escape, despite the constant encouragement from family and friends to share my pieces. Instead my creative outlet became my day-to-day work as a General Contractor, designing and renovation homes. Interpreting my clients visions to build beautiful residential and commercial spaces. This was my way of publicly displaying my art until I realized that my ability to visualize ideas and concepts and bring them to life in such a way was ‘really’ a gift.

Thru my art, I show appreciation for the beauty in everything that inspires me - the small things in life, nature, humanity, music, dance, movement, all forms of art. I get to express how the world looks through my eyes.